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Our Indicators

In this section you will find information and photos on all of our indicators. 

NVME Vanquisher X - The Algorithm

NVME Vanquisher X is designed for any trading style in any market condition and time frame. It contains 20+ features helping you analyse the markets within seconds rather than being sat at the screen for a long period of time. Each feature has been tested and adapted properly so that it suits everybody's trading needs. Also, it will print buy and sell signals for the direction of the trend giving you the higher probability trade that you need. I must warn you that these signals are to be used as a confluence and not a indication or command to buy or sell on signal print!

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NVME Oscillator X - The Trend Confirmer

NVME Oscillator X is designed for any trading style in any market condition and time frame. It uses multiple calculations and techniques to identify the market sentiment, the overall trend in different settings and provide you an insight into buying and selling activity. The oscillator also contains divergences and hidden divergences to help identify possible trend reversals and it has lots of customisable features to play around with. Long-term traders and scalpers will enjoy this oscillator as it helps make every trade a high probability trade.


NVME Currency Strength Pro - The Manual Trend Confirmer

NVME Currency Strength Pro is designed for any trading style in any market condition and time frame. It uses multiple and interchangeable calculation modules to determine the overall trend of the current pair that you are looking at through interweaving two pairs together to get the end result. This is very useful to see whether or not the base pair is stronger than the pair it is fighting against and the special difference with ours is that we don't use 7 different lines or have a slow loading time, we have a unique styled currency strength that resembles an oscillator.

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NVME Trend Meter - The Simple Multi Timeframe Confirmation

NVME Trend Meter is designed for any mainly long-term positions and works in any market condition and time frame. It uses multiple conditions that will have to meet in order to output a bullish trend or a bearish trend. There isn't many features with this indicator but it is very easy to use and understand. Furthermore, it can be useful to use as a confluence when trading with the trend. There are 6 different calculations used on this indicator, which is useful as it saves you time from having to do the top down analysis method to see the overall trend.


Envious Cloud Caster - The Price Following Trend Tool

Envious Cloud Caster is designed for any trading style in any market condition and time frame. It uses multiple conditions and calculation modules to output a price following line that changes its colour output based on the trend identified. There is also built in add-ons to add to this indicator allowing you to get multiple confirmations all in one indicator, saving your chart space and it is very easy to use and understand. We recommend that you use this as a confluence to the NVME Vanquisher X Algorithm as this will help you follow the trend and get higher probability trades.

Envious Cloud Caster].PNG

Envious Volume Matrix - The Buying & Selling Activity Detector

Envious Volume Matrix is designed for analysing the market volume in two sentiments, bull and bear. It uses multiple calculations and updated prefixes and variables to output the end result. This indicator can be useful for seeing who is in control of the market and who is slowly declining in strength. There is a lot of information you can get from this one indicator and within this indicator are lots of features and settings you can customise with ease. You can also input your own time frame into the indicator if you enable the multi-timeframe feature, however it will automatically lock onto your current timeframe if you don't have that feature enabled.

Envious Volume Matrix.PNG

NVME Support & Resistance - The Time Saver

NVME Support & Resistance is designed for drawing key zones on your charts within seconds. It uses areas of confirmed reversals to leave plots on and uses an ATR to fill in the range with a nice block highlight to match what most analysis on TradingView looks like when they use the square drawing. There is a lot of uses this indicator can have and it works on every single pair and timeframe too. Lets trade simpler thanks to NVME.


NVME Hunter X - The Scalping Algorithm

NVME Hunter X is designed for scalpers and made to help you get that extra confirmation that you need in your trading. This indicator works on all market assets on any timeframe and it contains our unique support and resistance highlight blocks that are automated and it has its own take profit and stop loss system, which can be displayed on the charts with a click of a button. You can customise the colour scheme, the signal modes through the different filtration systems, the candle colouring technique to be used and much more. Also, it loads really fast too!


NVME Market Scanner - The Powerful Time Saver

NVME Market Scanner is designed to help you save time through analysing through all of the market pairs using our NVME Algorithms to do so. It is fully customisable and you can disable each sub area of the panel through the settings so that the panel is smaller and easier to look at. Furthermore, there are 20 free slots that you can build your own scanner with in this indicator. We are one step closer to NVME Takeover!


NVME TP & SL System - The Risk Manager

NVME TP & SL System is designed to provide you a viewpoint of possible areas where it may be appropriate to set a stop loss and take profit points. It uses ATR to generate areas and in a trending market the distance between each take profit is likely to fluctuate in distance between on another and in a ranging market the zones will likely be squashed together indicating that you should avoid this market for now. The indicator can be customised in many ways such as changing the colour scheme, changing the ATR multipliers, changing the position to long or short and entering your own entry points.


NVME Candle Builder - The Experimental Tool

NVME Candle Builder is designed to allow traders to design their own candlestick system with the onboard TradingView system. There are so many possibilities and outcomes with this indicator because you can customise each data piece such as the close, open, high and low of the candle, also what source for it to use and what calculation method should take place. These methods include: Candlesticks, Heikin Ashi, Renko ATR, Kagi and Point and Figure. Some traders may find this useful for the information that it can provide if the trader doesn't want to use too much screen space or if they do not have access to other chart styles.

NVME Candle Builder.PNG

NVME Trend Index - The Bigger Picture

NVME Trend Index is designed to help traders identify the current state of the market that they are in through removing the noise that other trend indicators would have and our indicator is very simple to use too. With 4 different settings to calculate the overall trend length, the trend reactivity, trend offset and index length. This indicator also works well at showing you overbought and oversold zones by gradually increasing to the high areas of 120 and decreasing to the low areas of 40. This indicator is also aesthetically pleasing to look at and its vibrant colours will definitely help you remove the indecision.

NVME Trend Index.PNG

NVME Blackfire X - The Second Algorithm

NVME Blackfire X is our second algorithm that brings the best of our features into one algorithm designed to be much quicker at processing and loading compared to the Vanquisher X algorithm and the algorithm itself utilises more data from both the candlesticks and Heikin-Ashi candlesticks to provide the user with much faster signal calls. The algorithm itself can be turned into many different calculation modes such as providing the user with a scalping module, a swing module and a strategy based module. We also have built in risk management, first-ever strategy information in a non strategy script and a position size calculator to help everyone with entering with the correct values and having the best settings. Not only does the Blackfire X provide such amazing features, it comes with our optimised automatic settings mode grabbing the best sensitivity from our list of best settings to use for your selected assets.


NVME Breakout Detector - The Market Opportunist

NVME Breakout Detector is one of our most simple to use indicators available providing users with automated breakout zone detection using candlestick data. The zones printed will give the users the insight of the market's next direction and we have designed this indicator to help provide users with another confirmation to either hold their trades or enter at a breakout of structure. Lets catch those extra pips!

NVME Trading Journal

Designed to help you keep on track of your progress and for you to write down everything you've done so you know what went well and what didn't for future referencing. This is a really useful sheet to have.