Affiliate Scheme

Written to inform you of our terms, the pay-out scheme and how to apply.

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Affiliate Program Terms


A brand new forex, stock, crypto, altcoins and commodities algorithm company with educational resources to help the majority learn trading or improve in trading. Our scripts can help you enter the market with precision and exit the market with confidence without the hassle of decision making interfering you. This is all done by simply using our Trading View indicators and accessing our VIP area.


5% Discount added on top of the packages for referred members

10% Commission Pay-out to you per sale

30-Days time period for getting referrals

Payments occur on the date you signed up after every month

Bonuses for the best performing affiliates


Anyone, who is currently a member of NVME Trading, looking to make more money by helping us promote NVME Trading, which will help us grow over time. 


Click the button below this paragraph to get started!

Enter your name, last name and email into the registration form.

We will get notified of your application and we may be in contact via email to see what you can do for us and discuss some options.

Once verified, you will be able to access your affiliate dashboard where you can create your own affiliate discount code and referral link to be displayed on your social media accounts.

Please place the link within your site / biography / content to help drive traffic to and for every purchase made with your link you will get 10% commission.

Visitors who use your link will be tagged with a unique cookie that indicates that it was you who referred them , your account will be credited for a commission and thanks to Goaffpro Affiliate Marketing, your commission will automatically be calculated so that we can send you the right amount after every month.

*NVME Trading will handle this professionally so that you can have a successful partnership with us*

Note: your data will be collected by Goaffpro Affiliate Marketing.

Warning: We may remove you from our affiliate program without notifying you, if you aren't complying with our Terms provided here. Thank you for reading!