About Us


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Our Goals

We have noticed that trading is becoming more and more difficult due to misleading information, indicators, systems and algorithms that

are provided online whether it is paid or free. NVME Trading wants to fix that by providing traders with the tools to support or build a trading system that works for you whether your scalping, swinging or holding onto positions, we want to be there with you on our journey to success. 

Our Story

When I first began trading, I got hit in the face by how hard it was to make consistent profits and being successful in the markets. It wasn't as easy as guessing where to buy or sell as there is a lot to be done on the charts. Technical analysis, fundamental analysis, indicator analysis and much more just to get a higher probability confirmation and even that wasn't enough. All the time and effort I put in didn't feel rewarding, so I began studying pine script and other methodologies and philosophies that prioritises analysis over anything else to help improve my trading. With many failed projects, I was about to give up but I remembered why I started and began putting together plans for the project and carried out the plan testing each feature and fixing every bug I found leading us to releasing the NVME series

indicators, designed for precision, made to help with your mission, eliminates indecision, and using it supports NVME's vision. Let's stay

on top of the game together traders, NVME Trading is taking over.

Our Team

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Alex Walker


Based in the UK, England, more commonly known as 

Envious_ on TradingView. Alex has experience across many

different languages when it comes to coding and knows the ins and outs of computer systems and infrastructures.

He is currently studying IT and Computer Science and enjoys trading in his free time, whilst also providing ideas

and analysis to the community so that others can see his

perspective. Alex is a hardworking individual with a great

mind and he is very respectful too, this man doesn't give up and climbs the mountain of obstacles everyday till he gets where he wants to be.


Sam Usher

Market Analyst

Based in the UK, England, more commonly known as 

Crypto_Samm on TradingView. Sam has an experienced background in trading with knowledge of advanced philosophies and techniques used by professional traders to help gain a better perspective in trading. He prefers using price action to trade with rather than indicators but with his help and guidance, he managed to improve Alex's interests in trading and his overall knowledge of the market too. Sam is a hardworking individual with a respectful and positive mindset. He is impressed with Alex's work with pine script and he loves the Vanquisher X algorithm with its setups provided for him.